Aromatherapy: Harvest to Hand

Aromatherapy and Distillation: Harvest to Hand Series  12 CE’s $220 October 26 & 27, 2019 Clarkdale, Arizona


This course will take place indoor and outdoor at Sedona Wellness and at the Essence of the Earth distillery nearby
Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors would grow their medicine in their gardens. Doctors were not accessable to everyone and medicine as we know it today was nonexistent. Generations from all cultures, countries and climates had the knowledge to make use of plants and minerals in medicines and for relaxation. This knowledge gave them the power to heal themselves. This knowledge is mostly Lost to modern medicine overuse.
Essence of the Earth Aromatherapy class will take you from plant and soil to the oil in the bottle. The first day you will learn the benefits of organic farming, the importance of water and nutrition, description and usage of each plant variation and companion planting. Day 2 will be spent at the Essence of the Earth distillery located in Cottonwood where the discussion will continue with topics of harvest, distillation and essential oil usage. At the end of the class, you will go home with a bottle of essential oil that was distilled in class, and learn some surprising new options of essential oils to use in your sessions.
Day 1 – Organic Farming 101 9am-5pm with one hour lunch
  • What is Organic?
  • What Makes Soil Healthy?
  • Water
  • Fertilization
  • Types of Essential Oil Plants
  • Plant Propagation
  • Companion Planting
Day 2 -Aroma Therapy 101 9am-1pm with break
  • Herb Harvesting
  • Steam Distillation for Essential Oils and Hydrosol
  • Application and Proper Usage of Essential Oils

Your Instructors – Essence of the Earth 

Essence of the Earth is local grass roots company devoted to bringing you only the highest quality organic essential oils–or essence– by cultivating our own organically grown crops and distilling them on farms both here in Sedona, Arizona and on the rich farmlands of Kenya.
By educating local farmers both here and our Kenyan farms, on the art of organic, sustainable farming, we not only support these farmers and their families, but also support the growth of their own local economy and communities. Through education, love and compassion for our farmers as keepers of the land, we believe we create a truly superior product, the essences of sustainable organically grown crops, which not only bring high vibrational healing and wellness, but also help to support others in need.

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