AYURVEDIC WELLNESS CONSULTATION      90 min. $139/120 min. $169/30 min. add-on $29                    

An Ayurvedic Consultation offers the patient a roadmap to individual wellness and a direct glimpse into their basic nature. Your Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner will give you recommendations and materials to immediately apply at home relating to lifestyle, and individual nutrition plan, as well as addressing any health challenges you are seeking to balance.


Traditional evaluation through application of Ayurvedic pulse taking and  physical exam with recommendations for herbal remedy and treatment protocol.

AYURVEDIC MASSAGE-ABYHANGA    60 min. $89/90 min $119 Membership: 60 min. $79/90 min. $105

Traditional Ayurvedic full body warm oil massage with hot towels.  This treatment balances the lymphatic system and encourages the healthy flow of life giving Prana throughout the body using medicinal herbal oils for healing.  Two-Handed.

SHIRODHARA   60 min. $89/30 min. $45 as an add-on to abyhanga only

Third eye oil therapy application using medicated herbal oils with Ayurvedic face and scalp massage. Recommended for mental calm and clarity.

EAR CLEANSING-KURANA   60 min. $69- a series of three is recommended to eliminate chronic issues (discounted)

Clinical ear coning (candling) therapy, clearing the auric field & removing debris. Ear cleansing can relieve headaches, vertigo, and declining vision by relieving pressure in the ear canals and cranium.   60 min. $69- a series of three is recommended to eliminate chronic issues (discounted).


Ayurvedic nasal therapy for immediate and lasting relief of acute or chronic nasal conditions, allergies and the common cold to soothe, cleanse and clear the nasal passage and relieve pressure in the head.

COLON CLEANSE-BASTI  60 min. $89 (allow extra time to accommodate your body’s needs) 

Herbal enema to cleanse the colon. An Ayurvedic Practitioner will gently administer a custom remedy using a sterile gravity flow system. Basti is used during the cleanse process know as Panchakarma, and is a powerful regimen to maintain a healthy disease-free system. A series of three is recommended, but not necessary to receive the detoxifying benefit.


Relaxing mineral rich Ayurvedic foot soak and purifying salt scrub wash the day (and a long hike) away. Together with a moisture rich reflexology foot massage, tired feet will become an adventurous memory.  Locally crafted herbal product.