Ayurvedic Facial and Acupressure Facial Massage

Ayurvedic Facial and acupressure facial massage with foot bowl therapy-December 8, 2019 REGISTER

8 NCBTMB CE’s $150-Sedona Wellness Campus, Clarkdale, AZ-9am-6pm, 1 hour lunch

Mukha Abhyangam is an ancient application of Ayurvedic tri doshic oil. Used to encourage circulation, the spiritually uplifting Aditi oil is gently massaged into the face, head a neck area by a trained Ayurvedic technician, followed by Mukha Lepam.  This specially prepared and herbal medicated facialpurification is used for reducing discoloration and smoothing the skin resulting in a dramatic improvement of its complexion.  A scalp massage or traditional balancing foot bowl is included.

Marma points are Pressure points located on and in the body.

The skin molecules arise from the same molecules, as does the brain. Neuro-ectoderm.

The process of healing happens through the five senses (also known as subtle elements) with sounds, colors, smells, touch and taste.     

There is a whole pharmacy that can be accessed through the skin when it is stimulated. Learn how to use these applications for yourself and as part of your professional services.

There are 108 Marma points on the body.  Marma points are junction points between physiology and matter and the energetic body.  Marma points are direct doorways to Nadi’s, the channels in our body.

Acupressure facial

Acupressure is an alternative medicinal treatment. Pressure is applied to the different “meridians” in the body to alleviate specific ailments. It’s thought that by putting pressure on specific points within the body’s meridians, health will be restored. An acupressure massage uses these specified points, applying pressure to the areas while rubbing in circular motions. Don’t get acupressure confused with acupuncture; while they have the same philosophies and use the same pressure points, acupressure does not use needles as acupuncture does.

There are four ways you can apply pressure to this facial massage: with your thumb, with your index finger, with your knuckle, or with a blunt, smooth object. Use medium pressure in clockwise motions on each point. Start with the left side and then the right. Stimulate each point for about ten seconds then move to the next adjacent location (i.e., point one and then point two).

Each area of the face has specific points to stimulate. For this facial massage, there are 29 points across the face and neck. For the full facelift acupressure massage, start with point number one and move through location 29.

There are natural, facial massage techniques that you can do to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. By giving yourself an acupressure massage, you can fend off unwanted wrinkles and tone sagging facial muscles. -natural organic skincare

Ayurvedic balancing bowl foot treatment

Applying oil and massaging the feet with a foot balancing bowl is very beneficial to effecting all of the governing vessels in the body via reflexology points, marma points and ultimately the Nadis, similar to Meridians of energy in the entire body.

This is a fully packed day of fun, learning and beauty, wear comfortable natural fiber clothing, head band, hair ties and your massage table.

Your Instructors:

Lorrie Lawrence, LMMT 1200 hr, AP, RYT 200 hr, NCBTMB, NAMA

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, former field medic and VA nurse, Lorrie has over 30 years experience in the field of health, modern and ancient integrative wellness modalities.  Magna cum laude graduate, completing studies and practicum in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France and Mexico for Allopathic and Indigenous Medicine, Passionate in her respect and love for Ayurveda, her journey has led to an education with Dr’s Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and Vasant Lad, for Ayurvedic Medicine and is a Certified Chopra Center instructor.

Lorrie teaches and develops wellness programs to assist and support her clients on their journey to optimal health. Lorrie is an author/contributor to wellness industry publications and public speaker offering wellness solutions to a high profile audience, with many successful wellness organization startups and development of private and group wellness retreat programs. Lorrie is a board certified Continued Education Provider and is the founder and Operational Director of Sedona Wellness. Lorrie Loves spending her time in Nature Hiking and Mountain Biking in the Red Rocks, Riding into the Colorado Mountains. She currently spends her time practicing and leading retreats, cleanse programs and educational workshops at Sedona Wellness in Clarkdale, AZ and Pagosa Wellness in Pagosa Springs, CO. Join her in these natural healing environments!

Roberta Russell, LMMT, CNMT, NCBTMB, Ayurvedic Technician Roberta has over twenty years applying her techniques in the field of bodywork and is a Licensed Medical Massage and Neuromuscular Therapist. She received her initial license in the state Of Washington in 1991. Using therapeutic Rehabilitative therapies in and traditional massage in private practice until 2002, she moved to Arizona to employ her abilities in a spa wellness setting. Roberta has a strong belief in continued education and became nationally certified in 1994. As a Medical Massage Therapist she is contracted for Medical Massage Billing with patient/physician referral, and is a Continued Education Provider at Sedona Wellness.


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