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About Sedona Wellness and Pagosa Wellness

Sedona Wellness is located near the red rocks of Sedona Arizona, offering healing programs and workshops to an international visitors and groups throughout the year. Sedona Wellness was founded in 2005 as a space to celebrate the healing potential that resides in all beings and the medicine found in nature, in a symbiotic relationship with the advanced sciences.

We provide a restful, revitalizing experience to our guests and patients. Our educational program offers quality continued education and extended learning programs to students and professionals in the wellness and integrative health care fields, giving on to you our knowledge and personal experience from around the world, the power of healing touch together with advanced integrative health care. Sedona Wellness is a relaxing wellness retreat center and educational institution located near the Red Rocks of Sedona, on the lush Verde Valley river.

Pagosa Wellness was founded in 2016, in Pagosa Springs Colorado, as the perfect second sister location of Sedona Wellness. Matching our specific criteria for a healing vessel, we are proud of our clean air, many sources of clean water, and nature adventures right outside our door.

It is our guiding principle to provide a comfortable and affordable experience for all seeking reliable integrative health care solutions, outside of a “clinical” setting.  This principle was born of an inherent need to serve a discerning clientele away from the crowds, in a professional, clean retreat-style environment while offering all of the amenities of a resort.

Each guest will receive personal care from experienced Licensed Practitioners with advanced integrative diagnostics, authentic indigenous herbal products and superior custom remedies and supplements, based on the asian principles of Ayurveda and natural medicine.  Integrative health practitioners, ND, NMD, DC and MD, FNP and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners coexist with experienced spa therapists and multiple healing arts modalities.

Venue Highlights

SW Studio is a clean, eco-friendly unique retreat location with spaces fully equipped for classes, workshops, retreats & special events for continued education, and ongoing classes for yoga, the healing arts, wellness programs, musical events, and conscious gatherings & wellness programs.

The 1400 sq. ft studio floor has radiant floor heated stained cement floor equipped with 1 wall of mirrors, 2 walls of windows, one large unobstructed wall for practicing yogic inversions, wall installed cubbies for storage, a boutique area available to sell products, a domestic commercially appointed kitchen area for cooking classes, 3 treatment rooms, a comfortable lounge reception area, devotional artwork, 4 available bathrooms and one shower. We are equipped with yoga mats, blocks, and blankets, and can accommodate up to 75 people seated theater style and approx. 30 yoga mats. There is a large screen digital monitor a projector with surround sound CD player all with Internet. The rooms are acclimatized with swamp coolers, and air conditioners. There is radiant floor heating throughout.

The outdoor areas include a large covered porch the length of the building and a south facing central patio area for outside workshops or lounging with a covered patio and outdoor kitchen area, which is surrounded by an indigenous desert landscape. There is a formal fire pit on the lower north facing side and a groomed path to the river approx. an 8- minute walk from the rear arch. There is parking for 25+ vehicles, and two platforms on the side and the rear of the building for a tent. Ashram style accommodations are possible.

Pagosa Wellness is located at 3505 Hwy. 160 on Pinion Lake Reservoir and Pagosa Springs Golf Course.  There is a large 100’ x 100’ yoga green and gazebo with a full view of the Pagosa Peak range of the rockies, fitness center, pool, locker rooms, restaurant, and event spaces.  Each treatment room carries its own climate control, and our therapy bay allows you to relax while anticipating a luxurious healing session.  Shop for wellness items in our retail area, and enjoy the resort environment at your leisure.

Enjoy a moment away from hectic life with concierge style integrative natural medicine care or a “Spa Day” with our many nurturing services. If you are in a hurry, no worry-have a tea, get in and out just call and book your appointment any time.  Due to the nature of our detoxing and cleansing services and our clientele’s request for autonomy, we do not accept walk-ins, we are by appointment only.

At both locations we are committed to assisting each patient on a path to perfect health, wellness, and vitality. To enhance the experience of health and rejuvenation, we offer a complete wellness menu program in a peaceful environment with nurturing therapy’s that restore and offer renewed strength and vitality.  All of our clinical or spa services, workshops and retreats (stay a day or stay a week) enjoy the same philosophy.

We invite you to intimately experience the ancient world of Ayurvedic wisdom and treatments. These extraordinary programs are just a part of our clinic menu. Heal with our custom massage therapies, receive detoxifying treatments with our cleanse program, and experience the international lifestyle program, The Chopra Centers Perfect Health programs,  developed by Dr.’s Deepak Chopra and David Simon.

Sedona Wellness is an eco friendly-energy efficient high desert facility located on the upper Verde River.

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Family built using 10″ Rostra Block as the overall building material for an eco-friendly design which incorporates passive solar gains and radiant floor heating controlled by over 1/2 a mile of 3/4″ tubing. This construction material offers a sound proofing insulation value of R-42. Because of the construction style, cooling of this large building is successfully done with 2 lg. evaporative coolers. Men’s and Woman’s Restrooms are ADA compliant.


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The large, metal clad, shallow sloping roof is designed to accommodate a water harvesting system, allowing the prepositioning to be “off grid”. The Solar Photovoltaic system self contains the energy needs of the facility usage.

Natural Waters-The 300 foot well has a 6666 holding tank healthy mineral content recorded, with the Verde River 5 minutes away on a foot path.  River kayaking, launching with guides offered 5 minutes away, and the nature preserve of Deadhorse Ranch state park is around the bend, within walking distance on a footpath along the river.


This area is still blessed with untamed nature, year-round water, and abundant wildlife. Within an hour’s drive, experience elevations ranging from 1,200 feet to 12,000, and within walking distance, visit relics of Arizona’s ancient past or visions of its prosperous future. Neighboring towns include Sedona, Jerome, Flagstaff, Prescott, Payson, and Tuzigoot, an abandoned Anasazi village and now historic monument. Within an hour and a half lies metropolitan Phoenix to the south, the Mogollon Rim to the east, and the Grand Canyon to the north.

There is an international airport in Phoenix, a regional airport in Flagstaff and two local airports in both Sedona and Cottonwood.