Muscle testing 101 and beyond

Muscle Testing 101 and Beyond  May 2 & 3, 2020  16 CE’s  $265.–


With Dr. Summer Graham DC

Synopsis of Course: Muscle Testing 101

This workshop is uniquely designed to offer the professional massage therapist or  interested persons, opportunities to learn the basics of muscle testing.  We will introduce the Kinesiology for advanced sciences in this course. Students will get classroom time to study and learn the basics and ample hands on time to hone their new skill. Muscle testing has been used for thousands of years as a way of “communication” or bio-feedback with the body. For example, a proficient muscle testing practitioner will be able to locate the “cause” of that runny nose. Using muscle testing, one can determine if the offending organism is a virus, bacteria, parasite, or simply an allergen.  We will learn where the different reflexes are and which organ and muscle  they are affiliated with. Bring your supplements

as we will also learn whether or not a certain supplement is beneficial for you and how much and when is best to take it.

This versatile hands-on workshop takes place indoors, allowing for natural experiences.  Please wear comfortable clothing, as we will be moving around a lot. Skirts are not recommended.

Summer Graham was born and raised in Houston, TX, where she graduated in 1998 from the University of Houston with a Bachelors in Psychology.  Experiencing a personal tragedy, she realized the need to use her skills as a healer, which to led to her studies of Chiropractic and natural medicine. Graduating from Texas Chiropractic  in 2006 Summer relocated to the Colorado, New Mexico region. Dr. Graham is the Medical Director of Aztec Chiropractic, an established family practice of 40 years founded by the late Dr. Frank Nino. Continuing to expand her practice as a leader in supplemental and nutritional medicine she studies under the founder of the Wholistic Kinesiology Institute, Dr. J Dunn for methylation evaluation and treatment. Her current practice incorporates many diagnostic modalities as well as a now standardized approach to the genetic fountain of youth, Methylation Therapy.

She currently lives with her family in Aztec, New Mexico and is available for clinic and workshops at Pagosa Wellness and Sedona Wellness in the four corners area.

Saturday 8am-6pm with one hour lunch

Sunday 8am-1pm with 30 minute break

Sedona Wellness reserves the right to refuse registration.  All classes must be filled to the instructors minimum within two weeks of the workshop date.  There will be no refunds once the workshop has begun. Cancellations due to medical emergencies may be credited for a future workshop or services.  All special needs must be reported upon registration.  Book your accommodations well in advance. Assistance provided upon availability. We reserve the right to adjust or adapt workshops at no additional cost at anytime based on attendance.  We reserve the right to cancel at anytime (in the case of Sedona Wellness/Pagosa Wellness cancellation you will be refunded in full within two weeks of the workshops start date).  You agree to the terms above with an open heart:)


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