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  • Package rates available to non-members
  • We proudly provide you top quality service by Licensed Therapists.

RELAXATION MASSAGE  60 min. $89/90 min. $120 Membership: 60 min. $69/90 min. $99

Light to medium pressure, to rejuvenate and heal.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE  60 min. $94/90 min. $125

Medium to deep pressure, for immediate relief.

MEDICAL MASSAGE 60 min. $120/90 min. $139

A medical massage is an advanced treatment focusing on key areas of injury, trauma or acute and chronic structural stress.  Your therapist will utilize many forms of massage and structural techniques, as well as postural evaluation. Performed by a licensed medical massage therapist.


THAI THERAPEUTIC BODYWORK 60 min. $90/90 min. $120/120 min. $160      

Traditional Thai Bodywork is an ancient therapeutic healing modality using passive stretching and gentle pressure along the bodies energy meridians to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance the bodies energy systems

AYURVEDIC MASSAGE-ABYHANGA    60 min. $89/90 min $119 Membership: 60 min. $79/90 min. $105

Traditional Ayurvedic full body warm oil massage with hot towels.  This treatment balances the lymphatic system and encourages the healthy flow of life giving Prana throughout the body using medicinal herbal oils for healing.  Two-Handed.

SHIRODHARA   60 min. $89/30 min. $45 as an add-on to abyhanga only

Third eye oil therapy application using medicated herbal oils with Ayurvedic face and scalp massage. Recommended for mental calm and clarity.


Relaxing mineral rich Ayurvedic foot soak and purifying salt scrub wash the day (and a long hike) away. Together with a moisture rich reflexology foot massage, tired feet will become an adventurous memory.  Locally crafted herbal product.