Changing Health Outcomes 

Based on decades of direct practice with thousands of clients, cutting-edge scientific research, and years partnering with internationally renowned oncology MDs and NDs, Dr. Nasha Winters and Dr. Christina Compton have thoughtfully designed and expanded the TERRAIN10™ Team and services into a unique and proprietary health CARE experience, not found anywhere else.

Dr. Nasha and Dr. Christina work closely with their TERRAIN10™ Team and the client to create an individualized plan and commitment to a full year of service.

The goal is to expose the root(s) of the cancer process, far beyond chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, targeted therapies and/or hormone suppressive medications. The TERRAIN10™ process focuses on teaching clients the best ways to:

  • sustain their healthy cells,
  • increase the effectiveness of their treatments, prevent chemo-resistance,
  • stay on schedule with treatments,
  • treat unpleasant side effects.

There is no guesswork in determining the client’s treatment choices. A targeted path is created by actively assessing TERRAIN10™ patterns. Including an integrated, high-touch and high-tech intake process to look at possible triggers that caused a cancer diagnosis. The dedicated and experienced TERRAIN10™ Team will wade through the ocean of information and research to create a synchronized and focused roadmap with routines the client can sustain over time.

The TERRAIN10™ Year 1 Program was developed with an intentional progression in order to accelerate based on the client’s individual needs. The program model is based on four core phases of CARE: Prep, Assess, Plan, Expand.

Dr. Nasha Winters and Dr. Christina Compton combine their talents in public speaking, expertise in metabolic and cancer relationships, clinical research, and building person-centric medical programs. Currently, Dr. Winters and Dr. Compton are co-authoring, Advances in Mistletoe Therapy: Global Perspectives, expanding upon their work in training approximately 250 professionals in North America on the clinical use of mistletoe and creating robust educational programs for both healthcare institutions and the public on incorporating mistletoe as adjunctive therapy in cancer care. They and the TERRAIN10™ Team have developed an integrative medical methodology and consult with researchers and physicians around the globe. They are continually investigating the best practices for patient care.

Dr. Winters, Dr. Compton, and the TERRAIN10™ Team bring a powerful collective of knowledge, treatment success and improved quality of life for the client and caregiver. The person-centric and team approach is strengthened by the Team’s breadth and depth which includes leading voices in the keto movement, luminary authors in complementary medicine and integrative oncology, palliative care and gerontology, nursing, naturopathic medicine, thermography, cancer screening treatments, biological medicine, digital health and much more. The TERRAIN10™ Team members are carefully curated through a rigorous due diligence process to ensure alignment and adherence to the TERRAIN10™ methodologies and modalities as well as their universal commitment to exceptional client experiences and outcome- oriented medicine.

The Sedona Wellness, Pagosa Wellness and TERRAIN10™ Team,  together with an additional high performance integrative medical team,  have joined in an immersion program collaboration.  The mission is to provide two seasonal locations for individuals to accelerate their healing process in a comfortable, loving, natural location within the United States.