Fabulous Massage with Lorrie!!!

I love getting massages and recommend it to all of my clients and guests. I once scheduled six massages at the same time for a retreat, and my guests told me that all six massage persons were outstanding.  A favorite is Lorrie, who gives a super deep freeing massage. Whatever practitioner you get, I guarantee that you will be pleased.

Exceeded Expectations

My experience at Sedona Wellness exceeded my expectations. Lorrie knows the very best way to conduct a cleanse and I had complete confidence in all her treatments. They work! I would recommend her cleanse program to anyone who is serious about doing it on the highest level. The entire time I was at the retreat center I was thinking “Why is this not the most popular retreat center in Arizona?” It is on sacred land, private, surrounded by breath-taking views and hiking trails, cozy, beautiful, supplies great organic food and is staffed by the best practitioners anywhere in the world. GREAT place for any kind of retreat!

Deep Tissue Massage

I’ve been doing deep tissue massage for the last 36 years. Lorrie Lawrence’s skills and variety in this area far exceeds any I’ve ever experienced!

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